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last updated: 3 June 2002

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The Doomed Ride

two hands

For A Friend

Sometimes you can just sit down with a notepad and start writing and wind up with something that flows well, hangs together thematically and rhythmically, and leaves you wishing you could churn out that sort of stuff all the time. That was exactly what happened with The Doomed Ride, a slick sounding piece with plenty of room for interpretation. My parents had it stuck on the fridge back home for ages, but I really don't know whether it was because it impressed them or simply because they thought it was nice to have something by me on the fridge.

During my time at Uni, there were many classes that bored me out of my skull (just as there were many that didn't). I first jotted down the basic idea of two hands one day in one of those dull classes. I eventually pulled it together enough for publication in "Interpellator", the Uni student newspaper. If I recall correctly, it was one of the last pieces I submitted to Interp. I like it because it is simple, and I feel, effective.

Writing For A Friend was a long and drawn out process. I think the result is worth the effort, it's a personal favourite of mine, although I reserve the right to tweak it further because there are still a couple of lines I'm having second thoughts about. added October 1999

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