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last updated: 3 June 2002

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The Internet

The Prankster's Guide To Practical Jokes

Mini essay

Sometimes I suddenly put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) without any real thought of what I'm doing. More often than not, I'm surprised by what I have written when I come across it later.

I wrote various computer-related pieces for Interp, including one predicting that something called the Internet could get really popular in the future. I didn't know much about it but I figured I knew more than the vast majority of the student body.

My most infamous piece of writing appeared in one of the first issues of "Interpellator" for 1994. It's a generally harmless piece but incurred the wrath of a particular member of the University staff and probably cost me any chance of a scholarship that year. Now, in the interests of history, I present The Prankster's Guide To Practical Jokes in its entirety.

One day I was sitting at a computer in London reading an online edition of a Sydney newspaper when I came across an article that struck a chord with me somehow. In an otherwise standard piece of journalism, there was one seemingly harmless quote that I found simultaneously hilarious and touching, and I wanted to pass it on to everyone I knew. I quickly realised that taking the quote out of context would be utterly pointless, so I set about writing some background that also served to explain my reaction to it. The final result was a mini essay of sorts.

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