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The Truman Show


Falling Swinger
(Stephen Cummings)
Working Overtime
(Dave Hole)
Jamu Dreaming
(Archie Roach)
River of Dreams
(Billy Joel)
Midnight Oil
(live, 1994)

The Remains Of The Day
(Kazuo Ishiguro)

People who write film reviews often make a career out of doing nothing but that (eg. Roger Ebert, Leonard Maltin). To me, this suggests that doing it well is difficult and if you can do it, you've got a career for life. I've never been too interested in trying to write film reviews myself so I can't say that my reviews of Ronin and Antz are anything more than a late night whim. My assessment of The Truman Show is a slightly different matter, as I consider the film one of the finest of the 90s.

One of my favourite authors is Australian Tim Winton, although I must admit the main reason I heap praise on him is his magical novel Cloudstreet. I was intrigued when I'd heard an Australian theatre company had turned it into a play in '98 and when it hit London for a very limited season in '99, I made sure I caught a performance. I'd heard good things about it but nothing quite prepared me for just how devastatingly wonderful it was. added October 1999

I have tried my hand at music reviews on a number of occasions, most notably my efforts for "Interpellator" at university. These reviews included Stephen Cummings' Falling Swinger, Dave Hole's Working Overtime, Archie Roach's Jamu Dreaming, and Billy Joel's River of Dreams.

I caught Midnight Oil live in Mudgee in 1994 and wrote a review for Interpellator.

I was recently re-organising this writing section of my site and I stumbled across a book review I must have written about 4 years ago but then forgot about it. As I read it again, I still don't remember writing it. Nevertheless, I can at least report that I stand by my review of Kazuo Ishiguro's masterful "The Remains of the Day". added September 2002

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