For A Friend

In a world less fortunate
  There would be no Post-it notes
  No home delivery of the news
  There would be no television
  No Oprah Winfrey or Donahue
  Cows would have no tails to swish
  Sheep wouldn't be caught dead wearing wool
  Fred Astaire cursed with two left feet
  Einstein just another dropout from school

In a world less fortunate
  There would be no blustering wind
  Running his fingers through your hair
  No waves crashing at the Cape
  The rocks glistening and bare
  No men made by children 
  From the softly falling snow
  No berries for his eyes 
  And no carrots for his nose

In a world less fortunate
  No friends would sit and listen
  When you're drowning in the blues
  There'd be no charity
  A gentle touch would bruise
  Children would grow up strong
  But family bonds would be weak
  No Sunday calls for mother
  No Christmas kisses on her cheek

In a world less fortunate
  God would shake her head 
  And just up and walk away
  The streets would be silent
  Rain would be falling here today
  Our laughter would feel hollow
  Our hope somehow subdued
  To quietly fall apart
  For there would be no you

© David Gilliver 1997, 1999

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