The Doomed Ride

The future drips into night
As a holy man takes flight
Mozart sings one last hymn
While Ulysses claims he's really thin

One week floats in a pool of fire
Joan of Arc learns to fix a flat tyre
Old Moses cranks up the volume
And shouts gleefully "are we having fun?"

He waves that beard high in the air
That party man don't have a care
While it looks like Hitler has bought a cow
Organised religion takes a noble bow

Psychedelia screams for restraint
Judas denies again no, he ain't
Columbus sits in the corner grasping a beer
Looks at the throng with a sprinkle of fear

The gathering rides the train into history
Carrying great chests of hope and mystery
The loneliest one raises a glass
And quietly chuckles at this rollicking farce
© David Gilliver 1993
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