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David Gilliver
My flagship site is Lovetown, a fan site for Australian singer/songwriter Stephen Cummings. The site is actively supported by Stephen.

Until recently, I also maintained a fan web site for Irish band Hothouse Flowers.

I see a lot of fan websites done badly so I'm attempting to explain the thinking behind the design of my Stephen Cummings site in my Building Lovetown section.

I run gstring, a weblog which features various assorted music rants by me.

I also have some bits'n'pieces about other performers that I enjoy.

I'm a keen (but decidedly amateur) digital photographer so I've assembled a few samples of shots I've taken.

I publish my occasional creative writing efforts here, including stories and lyrics.

My LARS=SEX GOD site is a hangover from my university days.

Everyone needs somewhere to simply rant.

For more information about me, click here.

I can be emailed at or Skype users can contact me as user 'gilliver'.