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last updated: 5 May 2020

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I like to dabble in creative writing. I profess no great talents in this area, but I enjoy it so I continue to do it. I have been known to attempt poetry, but the result is generally unpleasant (I believe I have been able to pull it off once or twice though). I prefer to write song lyrics (although I play no instruments), as they require a less precise approach. I sometimes tackle short stories, but rarely see any through to completion. Occasionally I try using one medium (ie. writing) to critique another (ie. films, music). And then there are the times I write because of some sudden urge.

The following links are pieces that I feel brave enough to inflict upon the world. Generally speaking, you'll see my writing has improved over time. If you derive any pleasure from these, then I have no complaints. If you find them puerile and pathetic... well, why don't you just go and find a more interesting Web page somewhere?

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