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All of a Sudden - Call me narrowminded or whatever, but I really don't think any of Hiatt's stuff is really worth getting into until Bring The Family. No doubt I'll get flamed by the die-hard fans for that...
Hangin' Around The Observatory 1974
Overcoats 1975
Riding With The King 1983
Slug Line 1979
Two Bit Monsters 1980
Warming up to the Ice Age 1985
Bring The Family 1987 Jim Keltner, Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe are best known for their individual musical abilities, so coupling them with a songwriter of the quality of Hiatt is inspired. Having heard some of his earlier material, I consider this the Hiatt starting point.
Slow Turning 1988 Conceptually, it's a re-hash of Bring The Family. Musically, the performances are just assured and lyrically, he nails it again. Sometimes, "more of the same" is not a complaint.
Y'All Caught 1989 A compilation of material from the albums before Bring the Family. This disc is why I don't recommend any of those albums.
Stolen Moments 1990 This is where I started with Hiatt. Musically tighter than his previous two albums, he continues to dazzle with his lyrics (Seven Little Indians, One Kiss).
Perfectly Good Guitar 1993 Hiatt rocks and rocks, but the lack of quieter, introspective material (which he can handle more than capably) often makes this all a bit top heavy.
Hiatt Comes Alive at Budokan 1994 It seems traditional for artists to release a recording of them "Live at Budokan", so Hiatt did the same. Of course, he's never played Budokan, but was that ever a reason for not releasing a great live album? This is the "best of" you have when you're not having a "best of", with performances that occasionally surpass the originals.
Walk On 1995 I don't know why, but this album doesn't gel with me. His other albums never fail to pull me in, but this one seems distant or something.
Little Head 1997 -
The Best Of... 1998 This is what's known as a good idea completely screwed up. There is probably only one song that must be on this but someone decided that we all wanted an inferior re-recorded version of "Have A Little Faith In Me".
Crossing Muddy Waters 2000 The new acoustic album of songs that Hiatt had previously discarded.


Little Village Little Village -- Hiatt teams up with Nick Lowe, Ry Cooder and Jim Keltner.

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