Del Amitri 1985 Hmm. The album is called Del Amitri, it's by a band called Del Amitri but for many fans, this sounds nothing like Del Amitri. Is that really Justin singing?
Waking Hours 1989 A lot can change in four years. After recording a very ordinary album, it's possible that you could learn enough in four years to then record an instant classic. If that sounds doubtful, then listen.
Change Everything 1992 This was my starting point, about 4-5 years after it was released. And even when I bought it, I didn't think that much of it and it spent a few months buried in my collection. Then I decided to get to know the album properly, and I was hooked.
Twisted 1995 A harder-edged album than their previous album, with a little more bite to the music and lyrics.
Some Other Suckers Parade 1997 Cohesive, occasionally brittle, always melodic and frequently excellent.
Hatful of Rain 1998 The singles collection - this plays on the "oh yes, a classic song" and "oh, I never realised that was a Del Amitri song" factors.
Lousy With Love 1998 The b-sides collection - proof that even their b-sides can make a solid album.
Can You Do Me Good 2002 A step away from their classic sound.

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