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The entire range of L=SG merchandise so far consists of only the hat (a low hype, but nevertheless popular, item), the t-shirt (big hype, high fashion) and the pen (a very limited edition).

To buy this and other L=SG merchandise, click here.

First came the hat:

And then the t-shirt:

front: back:

Here's the text of the advertising material that promoted this stunning fashion accessory.

And most recently, the pen (with thanks to Chris McIntosh):

I have had expressions of interest in further merchandise, with some fans mentioning items such as car bumper stickers and boxer shorts. None of these have grabbed my imagination especially, but that's not to say they won't grab yours! If you want to register your support for these or other items, just email me, and who knows, I might get sufficient interest to warrant pursuing the idea.

I did toy with the idea of football guernseys for a while. Click here for my thoughts on the design of those. Of course, I'm still open to suggestions, especially concerning the colour scheme (red text on white?).

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