The guidelines for promoting


Like any great brand name, it is important that the LARS=SEX GOD name is not misused:
  1. LARS=SEX GOD is not to be used for profit

    Whilst you may scoff at the idea, there has been at least one occasion where this has become an issue. We encourage you to tell the world at large in any way you can, but not if anyone stands to profit from it. LARS=SEX GOD has an image of incomprehensibility to protect, and to link it to any commercial entity is misleading. Above all else, we must remember that LARS=SEX GOD means nothing.

    If you are offered money for any thing you do towards the LARS=SEX GOD cause, let me know. There are certain circumstances where I will approve it (the need for the publicity may outweigh the moral dilemma). In that case, any profits will be directed to charity.

  2. Explain nothing

    LARS=SEX GOD can only retain it's aura of mystery if nothing is explained. The reaction the brand name is attempting to evoke is "what the hell?!?". Any precise explanations of it's origins (beyond what is described in these pages) will undermine that goal.

  3. Use approved forms of logo

    I know, now we're starting to sound anal. However, we must attempt to evoke a strong and consistent image, of which the phrase LARS=SEX GOD and the logo on these pages are essential parts.

    There are two basic written forms which may be used:

    There can be only one.

    The second is the preferred of the two formats - however, if you are pressed for space or time when writing it somewhere, use the first form. Only when absolutely necessary should you use the obtuse abbreviation L=SG.

    If you are going to print the logo on stationery, stickers or any other typeset format, you should attempt to use the font at the top of this page. Again, only one of the two approved forms of the phrase should be used.


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