LIVE: Irving Plaza, New York

18 August 1999

...continued from Robert's previous gig

Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 18:44:21 EST
From: Robert Morrill
To: David Gilliver <>
Subject: Re: HF

When we went to NYC, we got to the theater, I was in fact on guest list, and we got tickets and VIP passes. We headed upstairs, and at first the grungy little New York security geek wouldn't let my wife or I in, but then 30 seconds later Peter pops his head out and says "Bob, come on in." We get into the dressing room (much bigger than the Boston one) and Fiachna's sitting there, so we say Hi, and all of a sudden Liam walks out of the other room with no shirt on!! (My wife says later "Oh yeah") and these funky pink striped Godspell/hippie pants and is putting on this big ol' silver belt he'd bought earlier that day. He loved the thing. We talked for a bit and then went downstairs to watch the show.

Afterwards, we smuggled VIP passes for our friends and we all went back up to talk to them and get them to sign our new "Live" CDs. We got a nice group photo, thanked them profusely and headed home incredibly happy fans.