LIVE: Boston, Mass

1 August 1999

Set list

Your Soul
si da mhamoi (sp?)
Christchurch Bells (replaced Sweet Marie)
Find the Time
At Last
Pop Song
You Can Love Me Now
Don't Go
Give It Up (Hee Hee!!) (I don't know what the hee -hee is for)
Hardstone City (thrown in for us)

Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 18:44:21 EST
From: Robert Morrill
To: David Gilliver <>
Subject: Re: HF

I went to see them in Boston w/ 3 buddies. When we got to the place, it was pretty empty. I brought my bodhran (which I picked up in Ireland 2 years ago when I met them last) to have them sign it if possible. Not 3 minutes in the bar, I look to my right, and there stands Peter, by himself, checking out the opening band. Being the rude American, I go up to him and ask if they'd mind signing my drum. He says "No problem" so I ask if he wants to do it now or after the show, or whatever and he says "Why not do it now. Follow me." So I follow him around the stage, through 3 doors and into a tiny (and I do mean tiny) black room where Fiachna and Liam are huddled with a small tray of fruit and cheese and a bar tray of beers. OH MY GOD! So after I make a blithering idiot introducing myself, I ask if they'd mind signing the drum. I say to Fiachna, "You probably don't remember me, but we met you at the Clonakilty show two years ago. He says, "Oh yeah, wasn't your wife pregnant at the time?" Holy cow was I impressed!!

I told them I was also going to the NYC show at the end of the tour, and Liam said "Write down your name and we'll put you on the guest list". I wrote it on a matchbook cover, thinking "If they can even find this again I'll be amazed." So I went back out and took my place with my friends (who were slightly pissed that I ditched them) to listen to the show.

We were right in front of the stage so we could see the set list (I actually came home with it). When they came back for the first encore, my friends and I broke into the Whoa -oh -oh -ohh from the beginning of Hardstone City (we had been doing that all through dinner before the show) Liam heard it and changed songs and they did that song for us. We were pumped!!

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