LIVE: Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn, England

14 April 2001

...the first part of the email

Then, two days later, we were travelling to the midst of Norfolk to the small market town of Kings Lynn. This was a seated venue which I must admit I don't like as much because, as Michael from Manchester says, we are too reserved and don't dance!! However, Liam had other ideas! We had third row seats and on chatting to some of the 'older' people in the front 2 rows, discovered that they were on some sort of outing and had never heard of the Flowers! By the end of the evening, some of them were converts though and really enjoyed themselves. Who could not? The music was straight from the heart and so uplifting. Damian Dempsey did his set again and was as good as Cambridge.

When Liam, Fiachna and Peter came on (looking as gorgeous as ever!) (Dave Clarke joined them later in the set), the mood was lighthearted and they bantered back and forth - joking about the lack of audience! The hall was half empty (or half full depending on how you look at things!). Someone shouted for Liam to take off his shoes - which he did. The people in front of us were amazed!! The set list was similar to Cambridge, but extras were a wonderful instrumental with Fiachna on the whistle, Liam singing the hauntingly beautiful Seoladh na nGamhna and one of Fiachna's songs which I think he wrote while touring with Michelle Shocked. Don't Go, again, was fantastic. Liam invited people up on stage to dance and grabbed a guy and three girls from the front row! They had a great time up there! It really got the whole crowd going. When they said "goodnight" and went off stage the crowd went mad - stomping for more. Of course they came back on - with Liam shirtless! Someone shouted out "I can see clearly now" - everyone laughed and the lads went into this track. It was excellent. My husband, Martin, shouted for Hydro Man next and this was their final song. What a brilliant one to end on! The energy flowing was amazing. Liam and Fiachna hung around on stage, signing autographs, so of course, I was there! They said that they would come out in the foyer and chat to us all, so we hung around (who cares about the two hour drive home!) This was something I had only dreamed of before - actually meeting them face to face. Fiachna and Peter came out first and we had a great chat to them. Fiachna noticed Martin's T-shirt - the one from this mailing list (thanks David/Chris!) Liam came out and chatted to people, then disappeared out the front. Fiachna and Peter were busy signing CD's etc., so we made our goodbyes and left - fulfilled and happy! We found our car just as Liam was walking across the car park. He stopped to chat to us - telling us that he had been invited back to the bar of a hotel by the landlord, but the wife wouldn't let him in!! He said goodbye to us and wandered off. Our last view of him was him chatting to a man out walking his dog! He is wonderfully amazing!

I have just re-read this and can't believe I have written so much - I'm sorry!!

Enjoy the concerts to come!

Carolyn xx