LIVE: Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England

12 April 2001

Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 11:09:35 EDT
Subject: The Flowers at Cambridge AND Kings Lynn!

Hi everyone!

It's now Easter Monday and my husband and I saw the lads on Saturday and Thursday - we have not come down yet! If any of you are going to the UK concerts this week and the US ones coming up - you will not be disappointed! I don't really know where to start - the 2 concerts were so different.

Cambridge was non-seated downstairs, so we staked our claim centre stage! We stood drinking and chatting to a couple of Belfast lads and a girl from Dublin (now living in Stamford, Lincs.) who was telling us about when she first saw Liam and Fiachna busking as the Benzini Brothers on the streets of Dublin - long ago now! Damian Dempsey came on - introduced himself and apologised for his lovely Irish brogue! He did one solo, then Liam quietly slipped on stage to play drums and keyboard for the rest of Damian's set - all very good. Then the hall suddenly filled up (I guess the bar did well that night!) and the Flowers came on. I'll attempt the set list, but I am not promising anything! It was something like this:

Quite a set huh? Everyone was dancing and 'jigging' from the word go - Don't Go was the highlight for me - such a great Calypso'ish type version which went on for about 10-15 mins at least. At one point Liam picked the microphone stand up and put it into the audience for the chorus - God knows what I sounded like - I have a crap singing voice at the best of times, but what the hell!! I'm Sorry must have been the longest version ever and should be retitled I'm Not Sorry (the shit song)! You had to be there!! I almost forgot to mention the drummer who is touring with the lads - Dave Clarke. We thought he was an excellent addition to the trio and really put his heart and soul into it. All in all a fantastic night!

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