"Songs From The Rain" - Hothouse Flowers

23 March 1993 - London Records (828 350.2)
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    Track Listing:

  1. This Is It (Your Soul) 3:53
  2. One Tongue 4:29
  3. An Emotional Time 4:27
  4. Be Good 3:52
  5. Good For You 4:04
  6. Isn't It Amazing 5:48
  7. Thing of Beauty 5:26
  8. Your Nature 5:07
  9. Spirit Of The Land 4:18
  10. Gypsy Fair 3:47
  11. Stand Beside Me 6:35

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Produced by
Stewart Levine

Engineered and mixed by
Daren Klein

Liam O'Maonlai
Lead and backing vocals, piano, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer, low whistle, bodhran, yidaki (didjeridoo)
Fiachna O'Braonain
electric and acoustic guitars, bouzouki, backing vocals
Peter O'Toole
bass guitar, bouzouki, backing vocals
Leo Barnes
saxophone, Hammond organ, backing vocals, Wurlitzer
Jerry Fehily

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