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David and Liam, Dublin, Feb 2000 This is a fan-created web site. It was originally created in 1995 by me, David Gilliver (aka the pranksta), an Australian who is currently living and working in Melbourne. All HTML has been handcoded by me using vi (sick huh?) with the main logo and the page background images created by me using the Linux GIMP. For more information about me, see my personal web site.

The bulk of my efforts on the web since 1995 have gone into Lovetown, a site dedicated to the various creative offerings of Australian singer/songwriter Stephen Cummings. Hence, my HF pages sat in a fairly primitive state for most of that time. With the release of "Born" the site saw a complete overhaul.

Like Lovetown, this site is built by the fans for newcomers and existing fans. I know, it sounds a bit ambitious but I firmly believe that sites created with extensive fan input are likely to be much more interesting than any commercially created site.

In keeping with that philosophy, all contributors must be properly credited. So far, many thanks must go to the following dead-set legends:

Throughout the site you will find my own comments on the worth of various albums etc. I have found that many web sites simply assemble info without adding any form of narrative. This makes it all seem a little alien to the newcomer, so my site is an attempt to break away from that.

I welcome all contributions to this site with open arms, whether it be pictures, lyrics, reviews (from magazines or your own pen), articles, chords or whatever. While my opinions flavour this site, I don't have a problem with adding the opinions of others besides mine. All contributions can be emailed to me at