There were shadows in the doorway
As he drove off down the street
Trembling hands but still she smiled
Departure is always bittersweet
In a room full of hand me downs
With a floorboard that always creaks
It's his name on all the bills
The only one who knows the shower leaks
  He's feeling like a king
  Got a place to call home
  He's standing on his feet
  He's on his own

He asked her where she'd been
She had prepared her defence
He sat and listened patiently
To be showered with pretence
The doubts that he has held
Will weigh on him no more
He's immune to her apologies
He has heard them all before
  She played him for a fool
  All the tricks he should have known
  He won't fall for that again
  (Next time)
  She's on her own

falling subdued:
A love song request haunts the night
The road's awash with silver rain
Taxis don't stop
The lights all stay green
Wipers smear the neon again and again
surging again:
(But) in the daylight it's all the same
And nothing's as tragic as that
There's a blue sky up above
Look hard there is beauty all around
  You can steal one more smile
  Just one glimpse to break your heart
  But when you want to hold it all
  You're on your own

© David Gilliver 1997

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