Maybe It's A Sign

I reached over and pulled
The streamers from your hair
"You don't do a thing
And still you're so debonair"
And I remember how you said
"You've always got the right lines"
And then I felt your kiss 
And I smiled
"Maybe it's a sign"

Twelve hours on a night bus
A day on a slow train
I take out my wallet
Staring at your photo again
With the sleeve of my shirt
Clear the window
And there's a shooting star
Maybe it's a sign

 Everything I've seen
 Everywhere I've been
 Now I'm ten miles from home
 And nowhere ever felt this far

Turning down the street
To see your light left on
Feline eyes watch my step
That lonely owl croons a song
The moon peers out from a cloud
To open up the sky
Through the window
Do you see me smile
Maybe it's a sign

© David Gilliver 1999

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