The Joker

All the time we had invested
In the life that we built here
I knew nothing but the ache of love
I never felt the fear
I remember all the fumbling
All the rumours at the start
And anything she wanted
I was her jack of hearts

So we set up house together
With a brand new coat of paint
Now the flowers need replacing
A hinge has fallen off the gate
Laying there this morning
With that silence all around
I didn't want to open my eyes
(I didn't want) To see that she was gone

Each step that I take
Seems so strange all alone
Each voice that calls my name
Sounds so much like her own
As the sky turns dark
There is nothing more to see
Here beneath these stormclouds
They have come to rain on me

  In a puddle I see my face
  I'm always looking out of place
  And I've always stayed too long
  Now I'm the joker
  And she's gone

So here I stand babbling and getting bleak
It's funny but it's not how I used to think

© David Gilliver 1998

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