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This is, uh, this is a song I've been singing for about fifteen years I guess...and uh, you know when we decided to come out on the road this time, I knew we wanted to come out and sing, sing a new song, that's my job, and uh...I kinda sat around and thought of things that would work and this is a song...I guess, it's changed a lot over the years as I've sung it and seemed to be able to open up and sorta let the time in...when I wrote it I was 24 years old and I was sitting in my bedroom in Long Branch, New Jersey and I think back and it surprises me about how, how much I knew about what I wanted, because the questions that I asked myself in this song it seems like I've been trying to find the answers to them ever since and uh...I guess when I wrote this song I thought I was writing about a guy and a girl that wanted to run and keep on running...and that was a, a nice romantic idea, but uh, I realised that after I'd put all those people in all those cars I was going to have figure out someplace for them to go...and I realised that the end, I guess, that individual freedom when it's not connected to some sort of community or friends or the world outside, ends up feeling pretty I guess, that guy and that girl, they were out there looking for a connection, and I guess that's what I'm doing here, uh, this is a song about two people trying to find their way home...I'd like to do it for ya and dedicate it to ya, and just say this song has kept me good company on my search and I hope it's kept you good company on yours...

Bruce Springsteen, introducing acoustic "Born to Run", 1988

Bruce and the E Street Band will be heading for Australia in 2003. The dates are:

Those dates seem so close together that it seems unlikely there'll be any additional shows. Tickets go on sale 9 December 2002 with more info available here.

Keep an eye on Bruce's official website or fanzine Backstreets for more info.

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