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Single reviews: You Can Love Me Now

from dot music
You Can Love Me Now is a great, epic rock song. It builds and builds into something more like a Waterboys track.

Unfortunately, little press or radio support appears to have been garnered for this act, which once graced the cover of the NME and won plenty of international awards, although it's never too late for someone to take the plunge.

Bloomin' Flowers are back

George Byrne - Irish Independent

God help us, they're back! Nice chaps and all as they undoubtedly are, the last thing the world needs right now is the return of Hothouse Flowers, the most overrated Irish band of the past decade. After the utterly dismal Songs From The Rain, we'd assumed that they'd done the decent thing and gone their separate ways - with no small amount of encouragement from London Records - but no, for some strange reason the company persisted with them and a new album, Born, will be with us in May, preceded by the single 'You Can Love Me Now'. This release continues the grand old Flowers tradition of non-songs, being little more than a repetition of a riff (in this case one which bears an absolutely uncanny resemblance to U2's 'Stay'...nice to see the old Mother connection still going strong), until the all the lads pile in for a 'chorus' which couldn't pass muster as the middle-eight of a B-side for any decent band.

Liam, Fiachna and Peter aren't giving away too many clues about the, ahem, strength of their other material either, as the remaining two tracks on the single are a cover of James Brown's 'It's a Man's Man's Man's World' and a reworking of their own debut effort 'Love Don't Work This Way'.

If, as has been threatened, Chris Evans (DJ and tv presenter) gets behind this muck then no devil in hell has a pitchfork sharp enough for the ginger jerk. But then again, can the public really be sold such an obvious pup?