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Album lyrics: Home

Hardstone City
In the hardstone city where the dust gets in your eyes
Pa he's out drinking and there's children crying
Ma sits by the washing, she don't know what to do
Looks like this hardstone city's gonna get on top of you

They say in this hardstone city you gotta carry a gun
Well I ain't gonna carry no shooter for no one

Ain't gonna get me no body's gonna get me down

This hardstone city has me feeling low
All I hear is wildcats screaming on the radio
Gonna get my sister gonna hold her near
Gonna take her right, right out of here

I'm sick and tired of waking up in this town
All I hear is car horns hooting all day long
Gonna get me a lady, fall in love with her
And take her out of this crazy world

Give It Up
I'm coming face to face with my conscience
Coming to an understanding of myself
Clear out all the old cobwebs
Clear the old books from the shelf

This song is inspired by a good man
And his tune
Thinking good of others
Sing Amazing Grace to you
It doesn't really matter if you're all
Jumbled up inside
As long as you know love is
Endless and the world is wide
Give it up share it out
Help who you can
Talk about it

It's late in the morning, close to the time
Mary's in the alley she never stops smiling
Always love to see her - means a lot to me
But I know she has a hard time trying to
Make ends meet

Chorus: Give it up...

Down George Street arcade where the poor children play
Gathering up charity just to help them make their day
Me I was once their age, me I was once young
But I knew I had my family to fall back on

Give it up...

Christchurch Bells
It's been a long day coming
Seems like it'll go on
Your window is open to the night and
Your coffee's still warm
You're feeling good now - looking well,
Being soothed by the sound of Christchurch Bells
As the hours turn - you can hear them - they'll be ringing time

John he lives in this town
Repairs old watches and clocks
They don't give him much time no he doesn't know
What's gone wrong
But he keeps on moving on this lonely road from Hell
Asking for forgiveness under Christchurch Bells

Sunsets over the city - clouds are rising
And you can see clear up to the night time sky
So if you're feeling precious - you want to do well
Think of others ask for a prayer underneath
Christchurch Bells

Sweet Marie
Found a note of words this very morning
Written on the best paper you could find
You left it on your favourite table
And I expected your goodbye
It said (like) something about separation
It said for the two of us only good
It said like fly in our own direction
And spread our souls across the world
Sweet Marie I'm alive

Last night I went a walking down by the lakeside
It was a hot balmy night and three ducks flew by
I came to a tree I said hi can I sit here
And listen to the crickets lullabye
And I will make you a basket
From the rushes by the lakes
Put your memories and thoughts in it
Take as long as it might take

Oh I hope you find your good fortune
I hope you find peace in everything you do
I hope the colours of the rainbow
Colour your clothing
And I know you'll find love
I do

Sweet Marie I'm alive

Giving It All Away
We've got the sky but it's getting hard to see it
Yes we've for the sky but it's getting hard to breathe it

Giving it all away

An old man told me about dolphins and people
He said that there was killing and they were screaming
I cried when I heard what they were doing

Giving it all away
And we have love - let's use it
People got love why should we lose it
Giving it all away

Shut Up And Listen
Shut up and listen to what you've been given
Hold on listen, while the blood is waiting

There's a clock on the mantle watches
As time rolls by
Saying there's mountains to climb and the sky
If we're willing to aim high
For the rest of your life

The man who told me this story
Is long dead
But I hear his music alive in my head
Spent his whole life giving
As best he can
(Saying) help me believe in the
Things I believe in

The clock on the mantel watches as time
Rolls by
Saying there's mountains to climb and
The sky if we are willing to aim high
We are just children at heart
If not in our minds
For the rest of our lives

Shut up and listen...

I Can See Clearly Now
I can see clearly now the rain has gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It's going to be a bright, bright sunshiny day

I think I can make it now the pain has gone
And all of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I've been praying for
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day

Look all around there's nothing but blue skies
Look straight ahead nothing but blue skies

I think I can make it now the pain has gone
And all of the bad feelings have disappeared
I can see clearly now the rain has gone
It's gonna be a bright, bright
Sunshiny day

Do you go to the movies
find a friend in a film
holding hands with the heroes
fall in love with the heroine

When you were young and easy
did you like to take the day off
run in the sun and the breeze
nothing to think of
Do you run to the silence
Do you hide in the dark
Do you like to go walking
Alone in the city

Do the soft things hurt you
have you got something to lose
because it's only water
You've got to let it flow through
Get on up into the groove


Yeah yeah yeah it's time
Yeah yeah yeah I think it's you
Yea yeah yeah can you feel the soul
Got to be the closest thing to rock and roll

And so you take time to thinking heavy
Say you need some medicine (yeah)
So you take to drinking heavy
Do you really need medicine
Really need medicine (yeah)


Eyes Wide Open
My eyes were opened, my head was clearer
My heart was thumping 'cos I knew I could hear
I had the warmest feeling in my mind, I knew
I had something to say, I had something to do
I had the strangest healing feeling of love
Coming on me
And when I met her at the station I was blind
Lord but now I can see
She wore white linen, she had a pearly white smile
Her feet they were worn from walking long miles
She helped people that no-one else helped saying
Get up, stand up and be your own self
You've got the helping healing feeling of love
Coming on you
Son be loving, be forgiving, be wholesome and
For God's sake be true
And the last thing she said before she went on her way
- She said there is no right, no wrong
No-one to blame
No blame

I'm sitting here looking at this road
Looks like it's getting longer
I've been carrying a heavy load and now
I'm praying for some water
I'm looking down this road
and my heart is getting weaker
And I'm down on my sore knees
Praying for some water

I see storm clouds overhead
Coloured thundery blue like lead

And their battering against the hill
Till the water starts to spill
I see storm clouds ahead
What will we do then
Build shelter from the rain
Heavy heavy rain

It is real and it is old
It's been flowing through my bones

They're poisoning our streams
Polluting all our oceans
And I hope we get an answer
Before heavens gate pours open



Why is it, we have to run to understand
And why is it that every time we grow close
We fall down, and why is it I break my
Rules to let you in.  Why is it?
I act the fool, let you in, you in

Now my spinning head is slowly slowing down
At least my lonely bed is in my favourite town

Sometimes at night feel heartbroken
Sometimes just don't know what to say
Sometimes I make mistakes and I hurt you
But we're only human and we're all built
That way

Now my spinning head is slowly slowing down
At least my lonely bed is in my favourite town
(Repeat 2)

Don't expect too much
You've nothing to prove
It's a hard old station
Hold onto the truth
Words together send them to you
Explain how I feel
Explain what I think

Trying To Get Through
Spend a long time on my own last night
I think I spent a little bit over the top
It's just something in a bottle
Made me feel right
And I think that's why I couldn't stop
The man beside me
Had the warmest look of understanding in his eyes
As I went on about the laws the barriers and things
That came upon me and my kind
I'm just trying to get through
We have words but sometimes words say too much
But they don't say enough
The boy meets the girl
Sometimes they sail smoothly
And sometimes it's rough

I remember like a little child
Kicking against a stone wall
That I built myself
I won't give in now
I won't feel guilty
I'll just rise up
I'll have to be myself
I'm just trying to get through
I'm just trying to get through

So help me
I'm trying to get through
Can't you see I'm trying to get through
Help me through

So listen people what I tell you now
Life is hard but it's worth keeping on
Listen people what I can tell you straight
It's not too late to try and get through
I'm just trying to get through...

Dance To The Storm
When I first saw you with hair like a river
Eyes like the sky
This real feeling came right up inside me
And I felt like flying
And I still see you, you smiling angel I see your eyes
And I'll remember just the way you talked to me and
The way I cried
I cried...

Rejoice in the sunrise
Dance to the moonlight
Dance to the storm

You are the sweetest angel, you are the highest flyer
I know it's true
There'll never be another quite as beautiful
Quite like you


and then I saw you, you were alone by the river
Looking for love
This real feeling came right up inside me
I give you love

Seoladh na nGanhmna
English translation:
But now my love as you are leaving
It remains our love was not in destiny
I place three kisses upon each finger
To you my love farewell five hundred times

As sung (can anyone confirm this is correct?):
anois a storin go han tu imeacht uaim
so tharla nach ata tu i ndan dom
seo duit tu pogin ar bharr do chuid mheara
a stoirin is mo cuig chead is slan leat