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The official Hothouse Flowers site was recently revamped and covers the main points of interest.

Nicki Schroeter runs a Yahoo! club for the band with photos, live chat, message board and other stuff.

When in Japan, the band hang out with some of the people of Plankton in Tokyo. I think it's the name of a club but as my Japanese language skills are non-existent, I'm not sure.

Gen Ikegami runs a Japanese fan page which includes live reports from Japan. Jason Piggy has a website showcasing various photos he's taken of the band. Michael Joey has started assembling a live history of the band, detailing the dates of their shows over the years.

Caroline Cooper has a large archive of Hothouse Flowers photos she took a few years back on her website.

Andy White looks after an ALT site of sorts.

Because the information on my site has taken so long to compile, Carsten Mueller has created a mirror of this site to guard against losing all of the work if I'm ever unable to maintain it in the future. If my site seems so slow to access, feel free to try his copy instead.

Ralston Bowles is a US-based singer/songwriter who's a friend of the guys and has opened for them at their shows when they're passing that way. His debut album is brilliant, I highly recommend it.

Liam live in concert