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"Just A Note" (US version) - Hothouse Flowers

1989 London Records PRO 765-1 (12" only)
Cover art

A modified version of this was released in Australia in 1991.

    Track Listing:

  1. Seeline Woman (People outtake) 4:30
  2. Hard Rain (live, Manchester) 3:58
  3. Big Fat Heart (live, Manchester) 3:23
  4. Hydroman (People outtake) 4:49
  5. Strange Feeling (live, Manchester) 4:22
    (NOTE: longer version appears on Australian version)
  6. Don't Go (live, Manchester) 4:02
    (NOTE: longer version appears on Australian version)

    From liner notes:
    In the meantime, we found a few songs lying around that nobody has heard yet and wouldn't really hear unless we put them out somehow. Seeline Woman and Hydroman are 'outtakes' from People; anyone who has seen us live will know them well, and the rest are all from a radio session we did in Manchester in England after a long journey and two hours sleep!! So that's what this is all about!...

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