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"Long Journey Home" - Various Artists

BMG Records 1998 (09026 68963 2)
Album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Shenandoah (Van Morrison and The Chieftains)
  2. Main Theme (The Irish Film Orchestra)
  3. Paddy's Lamentation/Ships Are Sailing (Mary Black)
  4. Emigration Theme (The Irish Film Orchestra)
  5. The Bard of Amargh/The Streets Oflaredo (Vince Gill)
  6. Skibbereen (Sinead O'Connor)
  7. The Night Larry Was Stretched - jig (The Chieftains & friends)
  8. White Potatos (Liam O'Maonlai)
  9. Famine Theme (The Irish Film Orchestra)
  10. Muldon, The Solid Man/Grandfarhers Tune (Mick Moloney)
  11. An Raibh Tu Ag An Gcarraig (Where Were You At The Rock? - Sissel)
  12. O'Carolan's Farewell To Music (The Irish Film Orchestra with Derek Bell)
  13. Bean Phaidin (Kevin Conneff)
  14. O'Donnell's Lament/Reel With The Beryle (Eileen Ivers)
  15. American Theme (The Irish Film Orchestra)
  16. Long Journey Home (Elvis Costello with Anuna)

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