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"Born" - Hothouse Flowers

25 May 1998 - London Records (828966.2)
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    Track Listing:

  1. You Can Love Me Now 4:15
  2. Turn Up The Reverb 4:10
  3. Forever More 4:09
  4. Born 3:51
  5. Pop Song 3:32
  6. Used To Call It Love 4:22
  7. At Last 5:23
  8. Find The Time 4:42
  9. I Believe 4:23
  10. Learning To Walk 4:17

    Recording notes by the band
    (on the official site)

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Produced by
Hothouse Flowers/Cenzo Townshend

Recorded at
September Sound Studios

Engineered by
Cenzo Townshend

Born was released throughout Europe, Australia, Japan and Canada but remains unreleased in the US.

US fans can purchase the album via mail order from a number of online music stores, including Amazon, CDNow and CD Europe.

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