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August Wedding Blooms For Flower Fiachna

The Keane Edge Column in The Sunday Independent - 17 May 1998

I do so hate it when too many beauties leave the field. Still, when a Hothouse Flowers, it's always a good idea to be there, so I'm clearing the decks (au revoir, Celtic Mist) for the marriage of guitarist Fiachna O' Braonain, to 21-year-old Suki Stuart at the end of August.

Suki, granddaughter of Francis Stuart, is a photographer (Frank and Ele mags feature on her CV) and she will be married in her parents' mansion in Glendalough.

Fiachna and Suki took a romantic weekend at the George V in Paris, where he proposed.

"She's the best thing that ever happened to me," says Fiachna. "With Suki around, I know we're going to have a life full of wild adventures."

Suki is less poetic. "I knew Fiachna was the man for me when we had the ride of our life on Space Mountain!" (That's Disneyland, sillies.) Bridesmaids will be Fiachna's eight-year-old twins Liadain and Kasia, out of Jadzia Kaminska. He and Jadzia, who co-founded Cradle, never married.

Other guests expected include Irene Keough, John Reynolds (he sometimes drums for Hothouse Flowers) and his wife, Sinead O'Connor